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Mobile Biometrics from Smartphones


Our product

SlapShot is patented mobile app technology that enables off-the-shelf Android smartphones to capture and match biometrics. No hardware required.

The advanced prototype app is currently in testing with a limited number of public sector agencies and companies. It currently incorporates fingerprints and face recognition


Two Capture Modes

There are two modes of operation:

· Administered Mode:  used by an official in the public or private sector to verify an individual. 

o It’s fast: Face and fingers are captured in under 45 seconds - up to 10 fingers in 3 pictures (2 ‘slaps’ plus 1 picture of  2 thumbs together).

o Customized data collection uses the Android keyboard.  Or, data - including bar code info - can also be captured using the camera.

· “Selfie” mode: a user captures up to 8 fingers to gain access to a local or cloud app.


Our Vision


We envision Scio fingerprint software replacing traditional fingerprint hardware ranging from embedded smartphone sensors to the fixed and mobile devices used in law enforcement and at border crossings.

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